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A modest proposal in values fairness and justice by Valentino gomez

A modest proposal, to begin with, is a story that i believe after reading it, does not show any signs nor characteristic traits of the values called justice and fairness. This story is too cruel to have these two important values. The definition of these two words should be left clear before starting by stating why in my opinion i believe that those two values are not pointed out. Justice is the condition of being morally correct or right, it is fairness in the way people are treated or dealt with; while Fairness is an impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination. It is the quality of being reasonable and right, doing what is correct. Being fair is being equal with people, not choosing someone over some selfish reasons, but to be reasonable about it and about the choices taken. The reason why i did not see these two values in the story is because none of the characters in it have it. No one is fair to no one. Jonathan swift made this proposal where he said that the wealthy have the right to buy the children of the poor. The reason he made this proposal was because he saw that Ireland was entering into an economic crisis and there was overpopulation. And his only resolution was to feed poor 1 year okd babies to the wealth and that way there would be less people in the country and the poor would have more money to be able to feed all of their other kids. Now this is a very unfair proposal and decision made by Swift since the poor families are gonna go through a lot just for economical and overpopulation reasons. He should have found another way to find a solution ti this problem not by killing some innocent babies. It is very unfair for them to be killed and fed to the wealthy, after all babies have not conscious of what is happening around them and can not do anything about it but let it happen. This decision made by him is very selfish, cruel, and harmful for the poor people living in Ireland. After all Swift does not know what those families are going through since he doesn’t have kids of his own. He proposed to the mothers to stop working and feed their children a lot of food so they could have more meat on their skin and they would be enough to divide in four plates and to be used as accessories. In other words, the horrible proposal that Jonathan made is just called being unfair towards his people.

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The diary of Samuel pepys in my opinion by valentino gomez

The diary of Samuel pepys in my opinion by Valentino gomez

The story “The Diary of Samuel Pepys” is a story that has two values which are thankfulness and trustworthiness. These two values are very important in a person and in a character of any story. The aspect of these two values should be left clear for the readers understanding. Thankfulness is when someone is feeling or showing gratitude, when you are pleases and grateful for what you have, this is a time when you  are being thankful; it can be either for a favor or for the help of someone that you may feel this. While trustworthiness is when someone is honest, and can b entrusted with your secrets or with anything else of importance.  It is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful.
Now in this story these two values are shown at different moments of the story. I believe that Samuel has the value of trustworthiness at a context of the story but not in a specific part. For example, you can trust him when it comes to him writing on his diary since it’s confidential things for him he writes there and he does not expect other people to fond out so thats why he is honest to this book. He is not trustworthy as a man, since he cheated on his caring wife. That is someone who can not be trusted anymore after that incident. He also lacks empathy in the part of the fire, when he just stares from his window. He can’t he be trusted since he didn’t help when he had the chance to, his neighbours where in a moment of crisis and he did not do anything about it. But the people from the neighbourhood do have trust on each other since they helped each other out. Pepys was thankful at a moment where his wife cooked meal for him, and served him dinner. He showed his appreciation even after he has cheated and showed lack of care and thankfulness towards her.

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the virtues by valentino gomez

                                                              THE VIRTUES


It suggests that a virtue theory takes the virtues and vices of agents to be more fundamental than evaluations of acts or beliefs, and defines right acts or justified beliefs in terms of the virtues.
It argues that there are two important but different concepts of virtue: virtues are qualities that attain good ends, and virtues are qualities that involve good motives.Accordingly, vices are qualities that either fail to attain good ends or involve bad motives. Finally, the introduction summarizes the eleven essays in the collection, which are divided into four sections.


in a Virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do good The end of a virtuous life consists in becoming like God St. Gregory of Nyssa. There are human virtues and theological virtues. Human virtues are habitual and stable perfections of understanding and will, which regulate our actions, order our passions and guide our behavior in accordance with reason and faith. Acquired and strengthened through morally good and reiterated acts, they are purified and elevated by divine grace. The main human virtues are the so-called cardinals, which group all the others and constitute the bases of virtuous life. They are prudence, justice, strength and temperance.

where I live the virtues that arise in people are how one can believe since they are seen as they are and how they act towards other people as when they are cautious with some example in a situation that are discussing 2 people and the other person It happens is not aware of what happens because it is not fixed in them, also if a problem happens between neighbors is arranged because it is a neighborhood where several people live and respect those around them in their neighborhood, you can also see them people who have much faith more than all for their religion because all who live here are very religious Catholics and you see that they go to church a lot, but there are many elders.


he conclusion is that there are many virtues that are divided into, prudence disposes the reason to discern, in each circumstance, our true good and to choose the appropriate means to realize it. It is the guide of the other virtues, indicating their rule and measure. Justice consists in the constant and firm will to give others what is due them. Justice for God is called the virtue of religion. Strength ensures firmness in difficulties and perseverance in the pursuit of good, even reaching the ability to accept the eventual sacrifice of one's life for a just cause. Temperance it moderates the attraction of the pleasures, it assures the dominion of the will over the instincts and seeks the balance in the use of the created goods.Faith is the theological virtue by which we believe in God and in all that He has revealed to us, and that the Church proposes to us to believe, since God is the Truth itself. By faith, man freely abandons himself to God; therefore, the believer tries to know and do God's will, since "faith acts through charity and hope is the theological virtue for which we desire and expect from God eternal life as our happiness, trusting in the promises of Christ, and supporting us in the help of the grace of the Holy Spirit to deserve it and persevere until the end of our earthly life.

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The legend of valentino gomez

The invicible man

the invicible man was a wicked man who liked to see women bathing in the hot springs that were located in the mountains of Chacao, the man to be able to become invicible took a position that gave a witch who lives near the hot springs In the mountains, one day the man was looking at the women but the posion was over because it is temporary and the women caught him and hit him and after that the man never did it again.

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barranquilla, colombia and my neighborhood by valentino gomez


                                          barranquilla, colombia and my neighborhood 


I am from Colombia, a country that is in South America, I am from the city of Barranquilla, which is my hometown, I live here in a neighborhood called Villa Carolina. It is a very simple place to live where you usually meet many people who live here and They are very nice and that's also why I made several friends here.


in this country it is a place that is constituted in a unitary, social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential. It is a politically organized republic in 32 decentralized departments and the capital District of Bogotá, seat of the national government. Here there are also great things like agriculture or the cultures that are here and more than anything in the things that is where I am from in Barranquilla and among other Cartagena or Santa Marta, spectacular places to visit. I like Barranca because here is a place where you can do many things like go to the beach, eat in different types of restaurants, more than all the fast foods that are the best in the country, such as the shredded chuzo, the richest in the Costa and the whole country, is also a city that is growing little by little thanks to our mayor who is alex char and who has helped a lot to serve this city.

also i now the law 768 of 2002 provided for the creation of the metropolitan area of the caribbean Coast, made up of the special districts of Barranquilla, Cartagena de Indias and Santa Marta and the municipalities and territorial entities that are part of its metropolitan areas, laying the foundations for a regional megapolis. with the objective of formulating, adopting and advancing plans for the harmonious and integrated development of the territory under its jurisdiction, rationalizing the provision of services by the entities that comprise it and eventually assuming the common provision of the same works of metropolitan interest and advance projects of common interest. In the 21st century, the citys leadership has set the goal for Barranquilla to recover its level of strategic capital of the country. Among the strategies defined, the integration of the city with the magdalena river stands out through projects such as the avenida del río, the malecón del río, the urbanization of the island of la loma, the deepwater port and the Port Corridor.


The elsa administration noguerabegan construction of storm sewer on the streets most affected by the formation of streams when it rains, marking a milestone in the urban dynamics of Barranquilla. Also noteworthy are the construction of the new Pumarejo bridge, the modernization and expansion of the Ernesto Cortissoz airport, the expansion of the Circunvalar avenue, the start-up of the Events Center and the Caribbean Cultural Park, the start-up of the mass public transport system Transmetro and the restoration of the historic center through the recovery of buildings and the renovation and construction of new plazas and public parks. On the occasion of the realization in Barranquilla of the Central American and Caribbean Games 2018, the construction and remodeling of sporting venues is carried out, as well as the provision of complementary infrastructure to house the jousts.

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essay about my life valentino gomez

LIFE Title       valentino gomez


My life is something very simple like when I am at home watching series, movies, watching football, and also read, laughing with my brother and my family. a life that anyone else can have.

My person is someone who respects everything that surrounds me, I like to laugh at others because I like it and I am happy to see people around me laugh, I get up the mood, loving women because the woman for me It is the reflection of love, kind, curious, humble, generous, full trustworthy and can that many values. also something that I like to do most is when I want someone to try to get closer to that person or people, even though it has happened to me that they have not wanted but what has been achieved and I will always be like that. and also if someone needs me I help even if that person does not want to.


In my life I am someone very reserved with myself I do not usually talk much when I'm in classes but when I'm not in classes and I'm with friends wherever I am, I'm someone very different, someone who likes to talk a lot with the people around him so I do not know him because as I am it is very easy for me to meet someone, I socialize very easily, I go out at weekends sometimes not to entertain myself, like going out to eat, playing football or going to the movies with my friends, all that entertains me a lot besides walking in my house that is when I usually relax with things that everyone makes read, watch series or movies with my brother and mom and talk about anything so as not to get bored.


live the happy life as God gave it to me like any other person, not get carried away by things that are not worth as the past although it may be very difficult to overcome it as it happens to me full but I try not to think it to move forward in my life, I do not usually talk much about myself ... I like who I am but every time I try to be better because it may be the best thing for me and for others as well if it does not please me.